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Smart Vehicle Gps Tracking System

Model: ST-STV19
◆ Real time tracking
◆ User define geo-fence
◆ Trace playback
◆ Over speed alarm
◆ Water proofing
◆ Remotely cut off electricity/engine
◆ Power disconnect alarm & low battery alarm
◆ Vibration alarm
◆ Blind area GPS information stored

What is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the satellite navigation system that provides location and time data in all weather conditions by way of four or more satellites for the aim of detecting position of the GPS receiver in any accessible line of vision around the globe. The GPS system, which was first introduced for military purposes, was made available to civil use following downing of a passenger airplane having veered far from its normal course with 269 people on board in 1983. GPS systems are currently used in many fields from airplanes to mobile phones, from vehicle tracking systems to navigation systems and to mapping.A GPS tracker is mainly used to track the live location of vehicle, pets, loved ones, and other assests. With the help of GPS tracking devices, you can monitor and manage your vehicle maintenance. GPS Tracker is mainly useful for fleet operators to improve their business of profit

What is Vehicle Tracking System ?

With its simplest definition, a vehicle tracking system is the system that allows tracking and controlling of vehicles via an online computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. on a 7/24 basis thanks to GPS satellites. Vehicle tracking systems make it possible to have an instantaneous and history tracking of vehicle speeds, the routes they followed, stopping points, idling times on maps providing a registry and check point with past and present reports.

How does the Vehicle Tracking System work?

Basically, the vehicle tracking systems work in a loop of GPS, GSM/GPRS, digital maps and special software. Mobile data devices mounted on vehicles transmit two pieces of information they get from satellites – real time when the satellite information was transmitted and position of the satellite in orbit at the time of transmission – and transmit telemetric information and recorded in a data bank on servers. On the user side, vehicles can be tracked on their instantaneous and history records via a computer and smart phone / tablet by using special software making it possible to visualize all information from vehicles, and to modify alarms and program statuses of vehicles. This structure forms the basis for functioning of the vehicle tracking systems.

Where We Use this SEQRIX Vehicle GPS System

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