Model: ST-SWLC22S Product Highlights:-

  • Model ST-SWLC22S Suitable for all types of Submersible/ Monoblock water pump
  • Micro-controller based architecture
  • iPST water sensing technique (sensor cleaning not required, no salt deposition on sensors)
  • Fully/Semi automatic modes
  • Alarms on motor ON/OFF/Running
  • Motor over run protection (switches OFF motor in case of leakage in pipe of water tank)
  • Self power saving mode
  • Configurable features. User can enable/disable the features as per their requirement
  • Auto start & stop according the tank level
  • L.E.D.  light show the level of water(in percentage)



               It Control the water level in the over head tank automatically & completely stops overflow of water from the over head tank. Water level controller will automatically START the pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level (usually 2/4 tank) and SWITCH OFF the pump as soon as tank is full or no water in the sump and PHD supply pipe.
Our SEQRIX Water Level Controller built in ◆ indication of 3 levels LED light indicator for the overhead tank. ◆ Flow Indication (Motor running LED light). ◆ Over run or dry run error indicator light with error indicator audible alarm. ◆ Auto/Manual operation toggle operation switch for special operation. ◆ It Protects motor from dry run and Over run  -Saves water and electricity considerably. -Sensor wire length can be increased upto 300 mts. ◆ Low AC Voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of electrodes in water. These special stainless steel plastic moulded conductive electrodes are long life sensors, do not require frequent cleaning or replacement. -Cost effective. -Easily installable . -Air lock protection. with -i control switch.
◆ No need to operate your motor switches every day.
◆ Release your stress of switching  on/off Motor.
◆ Our Smart system ON/OFF your Motor automatically (according to overhead tank empty or full.)
◆ Overhead tank always contain water
◆ Prevent any wastage of Water & Power
◆ During emergency use your motor manually on at any time.
◆ LED indication of level indication on controller
◆ Applicable to all types of motor
◆ No need to manpower to maintain the, sump and tanks.
◆ Micro- controller based i SMART architecture.
◆ All i-smart system has Non-corrosive and maintenance free A.c. sensing technology. Thus sensor corrosion is eliminated ensuring trouble free operations without maintenance.
◆ Self power saving feature.
◆ Continuous visual indication of water level status of overhead tank.
◆ Alarm on Motor On and Running (can be enable or disable)
◆ It protects from Dry/Over run , in case of leakage in pipe or water tank, Motor air lock,Bearing jam and leaking of foot valve detection or water is not being pumped into over head tank.
◆ Automatic and bypass modes selection switch.
◆ High quality 304 grade stainless steel sensors.
◆ Sensor wire can extended 300 mts. form controller
Our SEQRIX iSMART Technology
◆ Micro-controller based architecture iPST water sensing technique (sensor cleaning not required,no salt deposition on sensors)
◆ Fully/Semi automatic mode.
◆ Alarms on motor ON/OFF Running.
◆ Motor over run protection (switches OFF motor in case of leakage in pipe of water tank)
◆ Motor ON timer Self power saving mode Configurable features.
◆ User can enable/ disable the features as per their requirement.
1. Energy Saver
2. Water Saver
3. Time Saver
4. Money Saver
5. Automatic
1. Energy Saver
Living in an age where we need to be more conscious of the energy that we use, a water level controller is ideal at saving power. Normally, regulating water levels can consume electricity and wastewater. However, with automatic controllers, the electricity usage is limited as well as less water needed to regulate supply.

2. Water Saver

For enclose water tank, installing this is very convenient because there’s no need for a manual monitoring of the water level in your tank because the device can perform the task automatically which is favorable for a busy homeowner. On top of that, overflow issues in your water tank will be solved since it allows the appropriate level of your water at all times.
3. Money Saver
A water level controller helps save money by limiting the waste of water and electricity. These devices accurately regulate how much energy is used to protect against any unnecessary water/electricity usage. Over time, the money saved is quite substantial.
4. Automatic
Automatic water level controller is efficient to use because this device controls the pump motor automatically. When the water level in your water tank is low then it will switch the motor on while if the water level is higher than the fixed level then it will switch the motor off.
5. Reliable Electronic Design
Addressing the durability problems found in earlier designs, the solid-state electronics in the newer models help to eliminate them. Not only do they help to eliminate the durability issues, but they also create considerable savings of the life span of the unit with an advanced modular design. In order to minimize problem areas of these designs, the only moving parts are the relays. These relays are easily replaced and tested by any skilled operator or electrician while being an inexpensive part.

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